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Lawn Turf Nottinghamshire

At Dalestorth Garden Centre, we supply Rolan lawn turf to the public and gardening contractors. Our lawn turf is grown from scratch, with the grass being specially seeded to produce hard wearing turf that looks excellent all year round.

With excellent levels of durability, our garden turf is frequently used on golf courses, football pitches and children’s play areas. Our turf requires very little maintenance, and is weed free!

Our Garden Turf Is Ideal For:

  • Golf Courses & Greens

  • Football Pitches

  • Business Parks

  • Large Gardens

  • Hotel Grounds

  • Private Lawns

  • Play Areas

About Our Lawn Turf In Nottinghamshire

The turf comes in rolls of one square metre (2 ft by 5ft 3” approx) is easy to lay, roots down quickly and can be cut in as little as 14 days after laying.

We also grow millions of plants for bedding, baskets and planters, etc. We also sell perennial rockery and herbaceous plants, shrubs, conifers and heathers and stock a full range of composts, fertilizers and insecticides.

Nearly everything you need for the garden. We pride ourselves on the personal care we give our customers and we are open from 9 am to 7 pm (or dusk) 7days per week.

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